Would You Consider Supporting TheatreStorm with a Donation?


Dear Friends,

TheatreStorm’s first review was published in July of 2011 by Charles Kruger (the Storming Bohemian),  a writer with degrees from UC Irvine and CSU Long Beach (MA in Theatre Arts) with many years of participation in the professional theatre world as audience, actor, stage manager, and fan, as well as a whole lot of writing experience in other genres.

We are proud of what has been accomplished since then.

o Hundreds of reviews published, covering not only major houses (e.g., SF Opera, A.C.T.) but also paying attention to smaller, more experimental groups.

o Today, TheatreStorm receives an average of 5,000+ discrete visitors every month.

o The SF Weekly has identified Charles Kruger as a “preeminent critic of small theatre in the Bay area.” Others have described TheatreStorm as “honest…forthcoming…balanced” (Stuart Bousel, Director), “supportive and enthusiastic” (Patricia Milton, Award-winning playwright), and “bringing a necessary culture to a wider audience (Sarah Moss, Aritistic Director of Robillard Theatreworks).

o We have hosted reviews from distinguished arts practitioners such as Barry Horwitz, retired Professor of English and Theater from St Mary’s College, Hugh Behm-Seinberg, nationally known poet and CCA professor, and former L.A. Times Dance critic, Martin David.

As you might imagine, such accomplishments require a lot of resources. We would like to maintain and grow — cover more shows, include more interviews and feature articles, reach more deserving companies — but to do so requires some support.

Rather than attempting to get into the business of selling ads (although we are happy to have you sponsor a logo or commission a feature article), we have decided to make a direct solicitation.

If you are an audience member who appreciates our reviews. . .

If you are a producer who has benefited from “pull quotes” . . .

If you are an actor or production professional who has been able to add a helpful review to your scrapbook . . .

If you think the feedback provided by professional reviewers contributes value to our community . . .

Please consider a modest one time or monthly contribution. Thank you!




One thought on “Would You Consider Supporting TheatreStorm with a Donation?

  1. I’m hooked now. I’m an ex-pat living in LA now, but I like to hear about what’s going on in SF. Thank you Barry Horwitz for your insight.


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