Review: ‘Siegfried’ at SF Opera

by Charles Kruger Musicologists have noted that the four opera Ring cycle might be considered analogous to a traditional Classical symphony: the first (“Das Rheingold”) being an exposition of themes, the second (“Die Walkure”) a traditionally slow movement, the third (“Siegfried”) a light scherzo movement, and the last (“Gotterdammerrung”) a grand dramatic finale. The point […]

Review: “The Diary of Anne Frank” presented in Vallejo by On The Fringe Visual and Performing Arts at Artiszen Center(****)

by Charles Kruger Although “The Diary of Anne Frank” received a Broadway revival in the late 20th century, and the film version won multiple Academy awards (including Best Director for George Stevens and best supporting actress for Shelley Winters) and is included by the American Film Institute in its list of the 100 Most Inspiring Movies, […]

Review: Sha-Sha Higby presents “Dance In A Sculptural Costume: Paper Wings III” at the San Francisco International Arts Festival (*****)

by Charles Kruger At the start of Sha Sha Higby’s “Paper Wings III,” undulating lighting effects seem to place us underwater, while the sounds evoke bird song. The effect  of bird song underwater is other worldly, and that sense of an encounter with another world increases, beautifully, throughout the entire performance. It is all like […]