San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Taiwan’s renowned Tainaner Ensemble’s Pao-Chang Tsai in the U.S. premiere of his play, ‘Solo Date’

by Charles Kruger The Tainaner Ensemble has been one of the leading theatrical companies on the island of Taiwan for more than three decades. Known for their challenging and often experimental work, one of their successful productions, Pao-Chang Tsai’s epic K24 (Chaos), had a running time of six hours. So, one might say, this is a company […]

Review: “The Interrogation Room” at San Francisco International Arts Festival (***1/2)

by Charles Kruger When audience members arrive at The FIrehouse for “The Interrogation Room” they find themselves completely immersed in what might be any office of a government bureaucracy. Seated uncomfortably in rows of chairs (think of the DMV or the Unemployment Office) and lorded over by indifferent guards making petty demands, one’s first reaction […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival features Montreal’s Cirquantique, presenting the U. S. premiere of ‘Bang! Bang!’

by Charles Kruger Montreal’s Cirquantique is making its very first international tour to come to San Francisco for the San Francisco International Arts Festival. Surely they have chosen the right place, bringing a style of performance that San Francisco loves! After all, our fair city is home to our very own much beloved Edwardian Ball, […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features South Korean company, Ambiguous Dance, presenting the American Premiere of “Rhythm of Human”

by Charles Kruger Faced with the assignment of preparing a feature article on Korean dance troupe, “Ambiguous Dance,” I began with the typical strategy of seeking an interview with the troupe’s co-founder, artistic director and choreographer, Kim Bo-Ram. But when I consulted with Andrew Wood, the energetic director of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Ushanjali Dance in the World Premiere of ‘Divine Conversations’

by Charles Kruger Bharatanatyam is the oldest performance art in India. In Indian tradition, the performing arts were not divided into theatre, music, and dance but experienced as a single art form. Nor was their separation between secular and religious performance. Thus Bharatanatyam is not only a dance tradition, but a musical, theatrical, and spiritual […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Troupe Vertigo in the Northern California premiere of the all-woman piece, ‘Tableaux’

by Charles Kruger After many years training and performing with companies such as The Pickle Family Circus and Cirque du Soleil, husband and wife Aloysia Gavre and Rex Camphuis founded the Cirque School in Hollywood, which is home to Troupe Vertigo. The company describes their work as a triad of circus, dance and theatre. The Los […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Dandelion/Bandelion Dancetheater in the World Premiere of ‘We Are All Dragons In Drag’

by Charles Kruger Bandelion is CSU East Bay professor Eric Kuper’s core ensemble within the Dandelion Dancetheater (DDT), committed to exploring profoundly experimental and spiritual aspects of dance and movement. Its self description reads: “We are a tribe. We are a found family. We are committed to pushing and being pushed by each other, past […]