Review: ‘Hair’ at the Great Star Theatre (***)

by Sean Taylor I spent August 4th, 2017, listening, fifty years after its original production, to the first step that “Hair”  took at the Great Star Theater. Does it hold up? Is it a dance step or a forced march? Is it embarrassed after all these years? It certainly had a spring in its step. […]

Kat Robichaud’s ‘Misfit Cabaret’ — Looking back at “Cinephilia” and ahead to “Horror Show”

By Sean Taylor Kat Robichaud has carved out a unique place for herself and company with her serial perofmances at The Great Star Theater in North Beach, under the umbrella “Misfit Cabaret.” Previous editions included “Whimsea” (July, 2016) and “Wilde Women” (December, 2016). More recently, she was at it again with her second installment of the […]

Review: ‘Midsummer of Love’ (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’) from We Players (***)

by Charles Kruger We Players describes their production of “Midsummer of Love” as “an erotic comedy of consent, cruelty and control.” Let’s get the cruelty part out of the way right now. The performance we attended at Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Center in El Sobrante was preceded by a 30 minute hike on a dusty […]