Review: ‘peerless’ at Marin Theatre Company (***)

by Charles Kruger The pressured adolescent characters in Jiehae Park’s very original short play, “peerless,”  have initials (M, L, BF, D) or titles (Dirty Girl, Preppy Girl) for names, live in a generic town (Midwestern suburbia) attend a generic school (High school) and strive to achieve admission to a nameless college (The College). Like the Macbeth’s (whose […]

Review: ‘Assassins’ by Bay Area Musicals

 by Sean Taylor In the Alcazar theater on Geary Street, hand guns are singing Stephen Sondheim. They’re singing wake up. They’re singing the songs of nine well versed lost-at-the-wheel dreamers, and it sounds like it’s keeping Bay Area Musicals up all night. It is the levity and comicality that musicals often carry that allow them […]