Review: ‘Andrea Chénier’ at SF Opera (****1/2)

by Charles Kruger Responding to the great romantic masterpieces of the likes of Verdi and Wagner, opera composers, like their literary contemporaries, turned from romance to realism, creating the movement called “opera verismo” — true-to-life opera stories, with music that emphasized character and realism. By modern standards, the masterpieces of “opera verismo” (think of Carmen or […]

Review: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ by Ray of Light (*****)

by Charles Kruger Experienced theatre lovers know that great theatre requires a great community, of audience and performer alike.  Great scripts, fine acting, skilled direction, and a first rate production team can accomplish great things, but true theatrical miracles grow out of a community of players and a loyal audience who love them. With their current […]

Review: ‘The Wholehearted’ at Z Space (****1/2)

by Christine Okon Why does anyone fight? To protect themselves, to hurt others, to win, to survive? The answers are not simple. “The Wholehearted,” at Z Space until September 10, reveals this complexity in a gut wrenching and intense hour of one woman’s journey to reintegrate the pieces of a self shattered by the betrayal […]