Review: ‘You Never Can Tell’ at California Shakespeare Theater (**1/2)

by Mark Johnson A large part of California Shakespeare Theater’s production of  George Bernard Shaw’s rarely produced “You Never Can Tell” is boisterous and hugely entertaining, roaring to life with clownish ebullience that will undoubtably delight audiences. It’s a shame that these moments can’t comprise the entire production, as the more serious moments of the evening come […]

Review: ‘Wild Boy’ (**)

by Mark Johnson Oliver Goldstick’s “Wild Boy” cannot be faulted for lack of earnestness. Dealing with autism, and specifically how people around those living with the disorder can have their entire lives thrown out of balance, the play is constantly progressive and compassionate toward its characters. But, perhaps it is too sincere. By refusing to […]

Review: ‘Bohemian Carnival’

by Sean Taylor . . . back to Neverland. . . “Have tent, will party,” should be the motto of the Vau De Vire Society, or maybe, “have tent, will circus.” On August 6th, 2016, a number of stars aligned and Vau De Vire was able to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their Bohemian […]

Review: ‘The Gathering’ (**1/2)

by Charles Kruger Can there ever be enough of “Never Again”? It is 1985. Ronald Reagan’s White House has just announced a presidential visit to Germany where he will visit a war cemetery at Bitberg, final resting place of many notorious Nazis. A speechwriter, Stuart, the son of death camp survivor Gabe, will have to write a […]