Martin -4674Martin A. David (whose business card reads “Arts Practitioner”) returns to reviewing after a long absence. He was the dance critic for the show business trade paper, Hollywood DramaLogue, for ten years and wrote numerous dance feature articles for the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of The Dancer’s Audition Book, as well as four other, non-dance, books and approximately 1200 articles, columns, and essays in newspapers, magazines, and online. He has garnered mild acclaim for his writing, theatre work, visual arts, and jewelry.

Steven GraySteven Gray has been living in San Francisco since 1849 and has rent control. Self control is another matter. He reads his work on a regular basis in venues throughout San Francisco. Sometimes he accompanies other poets on guitar. He is co-editor of Out of Our, a poetry and art magazine, and has two books of poetry: Jet Shock and Culture Lag (2012), and Shadow on the Rocks (2011). He also occasionally reviews literary events for Litseen.


Emma Bushnell is the associate editor of Nouvella, an independent literary publisher. She graduated from Tufts University where she was the Executive Arts Editor of the Tufts Daily and is a former opera singer.

candyCandy Shue has a Master’s Degree in Poetry from the University of San Francisco. Her book reviews, poetry, and essays have been widely published in journals such as Drunken Boat, Works & Days Quarterly, Kingfisher, The Short Story Review, Mead Magazine, The Collagist, Washington Square, Spiral Orb, Pif Online Journal, EOAGH, E-ratio, and Poet As Radio. She blogs about the unseen at

hugh behm-steinbergPoet Hugh Behm-Steinberg is a senior adjunct professor at California College of the Arts where he teaches writing in both the undergraduate and graduate programs and edits CCA’s prestigious literary journal Eleven Eleven. His books include The Opposite of Work (JackLeg Press) and Shy Green Fields (No Tell Books), as well as several chapbooks including Sorcery (Dusie Chapbook Kollektiv) and Good Morning! (Deconstructed Artichoke Press). He is the author of two libretti: Terrible Things Will Happen But It’s Going to Be Okay: A Donner Party Opera with composer Guillermo Galindo, and a children’s opera based on the Chinese folktale, The Clever Wife, which was commissioned by the Houston Grand Opera for their Opera to Go series.

Mary Behm-SteinbergArtist and theatre-lover Mary Behm-Steinberg works together with her creative and life partner, poet Hugh Behm-Steinberg, on a variety of projects including the chap-book publishing venture, MaCaHu Press (along with poet Caroline Goodwin). Currently, Mary and Hugh are collaborating on an illuminated manuscript re-working of Farid ud-Din Attar’s 12th Century Sufi masterpiece The Conference of the Birds.

392213_4231260294855_969430228_nSean Taylor writes prose and fiction. His work has been published in Pantheon, Instant City, The Evergreen Review, The Coe Review, Full of Crow Fiction, and was nominated for The 2012 Pushcart Prize by Sparkle and Blink. His second collection titled “Your Smallest Bones” will be released in January, 2015 by Seventh Tangent Press.

Daryl + LolaDaryl Henline and Lola Miller-Henline, father and daughter, are both busy singers residing in the SF Bay area. Lola, 13, is a student at Gateway Middle School in SF and a 6 year member of the San Francisco Girl’s Chorus where she is currently singing in their graduate ensemble, Chorissima. Daryl is the Music Director of the Conspiracy of Beards, a men’s chorus. He is the composer of “Singing Ginsberg: Settings of Howl and Other Poems”, “Nights at the Circus” and many other works for voice.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 12.38.42 AMBarry David Horwitz has taught English & American Lit., Theater, and Politics for many decades. He was Prof. of English for thirty-five years at Saint Mary’s College.  Before that he taught at Univ/Calif., Berkeley; Univ/Paris, Sorbonne;  Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris; Univ/Maryland, NATO; and Univ. of Montpellier, France. For the last 15 years, he has been the Artistic Director of The Quixotic Players, a group that specializes in Greek classics in modern adaptations, as well as Shakespearean and modern plays. He has performed, directed, and produced plays from Aeschylus to Albee, as well as serving as Dramaturge. He acted as Tiresias in Bacchae for Shotgun Players. He has recently written on modern American drama–“American Dream Conspiracy: Williams, Miller, and Albee”—in a French journal: Now on FUN-Employment, he loves to see small theater work around the S.F. Bay.

markjohnson01Our youngest reviewer, Mark Johnson, is a rising junior at Archbishop Mitty High School, where he writes for the school newspaper, The Monarch. He has experience with writing, directing, acting, and singing with theatre companies around the nation. He is hoping to become a theatre historian later in life.

vicVictor Cordell‘s professional associations include current service on the board of Cutting Ball Theater and former service on the boards of both the San Francisco Lyric Opera and Monterey Opera Company, as well as being an adjudicator for Theatre Bay Area. Widely traveled, Victor has pursued his passion for theatre from Broadway to the West End, as well as Houston, Washington D.C., Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Monterey-Carmel. He believes one can find heartfelt work wherever one chooses to look.


Christine Okon has always enjoyed sharing her experiences with theater, art, literature , media, nature, design and everyday happenstance. She has a special fondness for what she calls “small and ambitious black box theater” and appreciates the creativity of the Bay Area. An early pioneer in the growth of multimedia in the Bay Area, she feels privileged to have coauthored the book Demystifying Multimedia for Apple, designed and taught the Introduction to Multimedia course at San Francisco State University Continuing Education program, and published articles for several digital media magazines. A native of Chicago, she holds a Master’s degree in English literature and linguistics from Northern Illinois University and has many fond memories of excellent performances at Steppenwolf, Goodman and other great Chicago theaters.  Currently, Christine lives in San Francisco and writes about the patient safety aspects of healthcare technology. She is also currently working on a play.


for it.

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