“… great job… honest… forthcoming… balanced…”

Stuart Bousel,
Founder of Theatre Pub
and No Nude Men

 “… fresh insights and different perspectives… Please keep it up…”

Gary Carr, Theatrical Publicist
Rising Moon Marketing & PR

 “…really does his homework…you’ll never read a ‘just the plot, ma’am’ review from Charles… he’s there to review not to recount…”

Russell Blackword
Artistic Director

Thrillpeddlers Theatre Company


“…fair and ethical…supportive and enthusiastic…”

Patricia Milton
Award Winning Playwright

Former President, Playwright’s Center of San Francisco

“… you do what very few reviewers do. You actually review the show. I get rather bored with explanations of plays. I know the plot line, what I want to know is what a reviewer thinks about it.”

Nick A. Olivero
Artistic Director

Boxcar Theatre

“…the preeminent critic of small theaters in the Bay Area.”

Evan Karp
SF Weekly

” I love that you have a finger on the pulse of lots of artistic worlds. There aren’t a lot of critics in the Bay Area who would sample the breadth of artistic offerings that you do.”

Derik Cowan
Multimedia Performance Artist & Writer

Founding Member of the Circle of Dionysos

“You truly are a professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Karin Conn
Public Relations Consultant

The Edwardian Ball

 “… Charles Kruger is an avid writer, theatre buff and patron of the arts…  brings a necessary culture to a wider audience… I am grateful for his support and lively way with words.”

Sarah Moss
Artistic Director

Robillard Theatreworks