Review: ‘The Encounter’ at The Curran (*****)

by Charles Kruger ‘The Encounter’ is, putativelyy, a “one man show,” with Simon McBurney credited as “Director and Performer.” But don’t be taken in, Take a look at the extensive list of credits at the bottom of this review, and consider, also, that this performance is inspired by a book (“Amazon Beaming”) by Petru Popescu, […]

Review: ‘Spell Eternity’ at Quantum Dragon Theatre

by Sean Taylor If you search for “Spell Eternity,” Google will give you the spelling for Eternity. If you make it to the Mojo Theater before May 6, you will be tested in the consequences of eternity. Quantum Dragon Theater’s “Spell Eternity” is your one stop shop for a fun night of fantasy theater backed […]

Review: ‘Overnight’ at The Flight Deck in Oakland (***)

by Sean Taylor There is a line between territory and ownership, a vast difference in the words home and hometown. A new three-part play, “Overnight” presented at The Flight Deck in Oakland, leaves the tongues of a community spinning helpless questions, pointing faultless fingers, and, in resignation, acting upon the last match in the box. […]