Review: ‘Midsummer of Love’ (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’) from We Players (***)

by Charles Kruger We Players describes their production of “Midsummer of Love” as “an erotic comedy of consent, cruelty and control.” Let’s get the cruelty part out of the way right now. The performance we attended at Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Center in El Sobrante was preceded by a 30 minute hike on a dusty […]

Review: Do It Live presents the west coast premiere of Jon Fosse’s ‘I Am The Wind’ (*****)

(Charles Kruger) (*****) (“I Am The Wind” plays through February 7 at the Adeline Studios Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley.) The magnificent and memorable “I Am The Wind” is not typical theatrical fare for Americans. In fact, many audiences will have difficulty understanding it as a “play”, and might prefer to think of it as […]