Boxcar Theatre brings Sam Shepard’s ‘Fool For Love’ to intense and absurd life

(Charles Kruger) “Fool For Love” by Sam Shepard, produced by Boxcar Theatre. Director: Nick A. Olivero. Assistant Director: Barry Eitel. Technical Director: Bert van Aalsburg. Set Designer: Nick A. Olivero. Lighting Designer: Maxwell Ross Pierson. Costume Designer: Stacy Stagnaro. Sound Designer: Teddy Husker. May: Lauren Doucette. Eddie: Brian Trybom. Old Man: Jeff Garrett. Martin: Geoffrey […]

‘Buried Child’: Boxcar Theatre shoots for the stars with brilliantly bizarre black comedy

(Charles Kruger) “Buried Child” by Sam Shepard, produced by Boxcar Theatre. Director: Rebecca Longworth. Assistant Director: Cindy Dinh. Set: Steve Decker. Lighting: Lucas Krech. Costumes: Christine Cook. Fight Choreographer: Durand Garcia. Fight Captain: Ryan O’Donnell. Tilden: Jeff Garrett. Halie: Adrienne Krug. Vince: Geoffrey Nolan. Bradley: Ryan O’Donnell. Dodge: Scott Phillips. Shelly: Megan Trout. Father Dewis: […]

Boxcar Theatre’s ‘True West’ hits with hurricane force

(Charles Kruger) “True West” by Sam Shepherd, produced by Boxcar Theatre, collaboratively directed by artists of the Rep Series. Production Manager: Bonnie Robertson. Set Designers: Nick A. Olivero & Brian Trybom. Lighting Designer: Max Pierson. Costume Designer: Stacy Stagnaro. Prop Designer: Megan Lush. Fight Choreographer: Durand Garcia. Sound/Video Design: Nick A. Olivero Austin: Nick A. […]