Review: ‘The Invisible Hand’ at Marin Theatre Company (****)

by Charles Kruger Playwright Ayad Akhtar is unafraid to explore moral ambiguities which challenge our assumptions.  Pakistani American Ayad Akhtar is a writer with a mission. Through multiple works, he has set himself the task of exploring the contemporary Muslim-American experience. Obviously, such an exploration cannot be limited to experience in the United States or simple […]

‘Topdog/Underdog’ receives layered, fascinating production at Marin Theatre Company

(Charles Kruger) Rating: 4/5 Stars » Highly Recommended “People are funny about that Lincon sh*t. People want their history in a certain way,” observes one of the characters in Suzan Lori-Parks prize winning play, “Top Dog/Underdog”. The play tells the history and explores the relationship of two Black brothers named Lincoln and Booth (their absent Dad […]

Mark Jackson’s ‘Salomania’ offers strikingly relevant depiction of WWI media sensationalism

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 3/5 stars » Recommended) “The Cult of the Clitoris” was the shocking 1918 headline in the right wing journal Vigilante published by paranoid British politician Noel Pemberton Billing. Billing promoted the theory that secret agents of the Kaiser were attempting to undermine British morale and manhood by luring British men (and women) into […]


(Charles Kruger) Mention Edward Albee and the average theatre patron will immediately think of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, and perhaps remark, “Oh yes, he writes about alcoholics.” And didn’t he do that play where the guy talks about the dog’s erection (Zoo Story)? Although he has won multiple Pulitzer prizes and continues, at over […]