Review: August Strindberg’s ‘A Dreamplay’ In A New Translation at Cutting Ball (****1/2)

by Charles Kruger Realism could not contain the genius of Strindberg.  George Bernard Shaw was of the opinion that Scandinavian playwrights Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg were “giants of the theater.” Indeed they were and indeed they are. Anybody who has taken a theatre history survey class has encountered the work of Ibsen and Strindberg who, together, […]

Review: ‘Breaking the Code’ at Theatre Rhino (****)

by Barry David Horwitz (Rating: ****) (Theatre Rhinoceros’ “Breaking the Code: The Alan Turing Story” by Hugh Whitemore plays at the Eureka Theater, through March 21, 2015.) Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch in the academy award winning “Imitation Game” (best adapted screenplay), the story of British mathematical genius Alan Turing is now well known. Turing created […]