Review: ‘Caesar Maximus’ (adapted from Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’) by We Players (*****)

by Charles Kruger We Players is a company that specializes in site specific stagings of classic plays and stories, fully engaging the audience in the action. Such productions are a risky enterprise. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it falters. When it works, however, as in memorable stagings of “Macbeth” in the fog at Fort Point, or […]

Review: ‘peerless’ at Marin Theatre Company (***)

by Charles Kruger The pressured adolescent characters in Jiehae Park’s very original short play, “peerless,”  have initials (M, L, BF, D) or titles (Dirty Girl, Preppy Girl) for names, live in a generic town (Midwestern suburbia) attend a generic school (High school) and strive to achieve admission to a nameless college (The College). Like the Macbeth’s (whose […]


(Charles Kruger) It’s summer, and for theatre-lovers that means Shakespeare outdoors. We in the Bay Area are privileged to enjoy some outstanding professional companies ranging from the South Bay (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) to the East Bay (California Shakespeare Festival) to Marin (Marin Shakespeare). It’s a feast. This summer began for me with Cal Shakes’ delicious production […]