Silence is golden in Annie Baker’s ‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ at Marin Theatre Company

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 5/5 » Outstanding) Since Beckett began confusing and astounding generations of critics and theatre goers with such peculiarities as Waiting for Godot, Endgame and Krapp’s Last Tape, silence, repetition and the awkward moment have been recognized as among the most effective theatrical tools. Most sophisticated theatre goers have encountered the famous “Pinter pause“. David Mamet […]

Boxcar’s Sam Shepard in repertory: ‘A Lie of the Mind’ tells harsh and funny truth

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 4/5 Stars » Highly Recommended) Now that Boxcar has opened its final play in their altogether excellent series of Sam Shepard plays in repertory, one can take the opportunity  to reflect on the overall import of these pieces. Boxcar’s staging  of these family comedy/dramas one after another in these superior renditions is […]

Custommade premiers exciting political drama, ‘Little Brother’

(Charles Kruger) “Little Brother” adapted by Josh Costello fom the novel by Cory Doctorow. Producer: CustomMade Theatre. Director: Josh Costello. Set: Sarah Phykitt. Costumes: Miyuki Bierlein. Lights: Krista Smith. Sound: Chris Houston. Video: Pauline Luppert.  Darryl: Cory Censoprano. Ange: Marissa Keltie. Marcus: Daniel Petzoid. Who is Cory Doctorow? If you do not know, ask the […]