Review: ‘The Taming’ by Lauren Gunderson at Marin Shakespeare (***)

by Christine Okon First produced in 2013, “The Taming” mashes up our country’s history and modern sensibilities, à la Broadway’s “Hamilton.” If you think our current political cycle is extreme, wacky, and unpredictable, then Marin Shakespeare’s production of Lauren Gunderson’s farce, “The Taming,” is for you. It makes perfect sense that George Washington and James […]

Review: ‘Richard III’ at Marin Shakespeare (**1/2)

by Charles Kruger Rating: **1/2 (For an explanation of TheatreStorm’s rating scale, click here.) What matters most with Shakespeare is the language, right? In the current production of “Richard III” at Marin Shakespeare Company, the language is handled very well, indeed. Spoken with clear diction, and easy-to-understand meaning, the care with which director Robert Currier […]

Marin Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Liar’ is a triumph of comedic style

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 4/5 Stars » Highly Recommended) Classic French comedy, performed in the pompously overwrought and flamboyant acting style perfected by the Comedie–Francaise, is reputed to be the funniest stuff imaginable on stage. With David Ives‘ adaptation of Pierre Corneille‘s 17th century masterpiece, The Liar, Marin Shakespeare Company delivers exactly that. Dorante, a young law […]