Review: ‘The Effect’ at SF Playhouse (****1/2)

by Charles Kruger Connie (Aylet Firstenberg) and Tristan (Joe Estlack) meet cute. They are experimental subjects housed in a clinic for four weeks as test subjects for a new antidepressant.  As they are thrown together under these intimate circumstances (they cannot leave and everyone else is staff),  Tristan, not surprisingly, makes a romantic move. As is […]

Silence is golden in Annie Baker’s ‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ at Marin Theatre Company

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 5/5 » Outstanding) Since Beckett began confusing and astounding generations of critics and theatre goers with such peculiarities as Waiting for Godot, Endgame and Krapp’s Last Tape, silence, repetition and the awkward moment have been recognized as among the most effective theatrical tools. Most sophisticated theatre goers have encountered the famous “Pinter pause“. David Mamet […]