Review: ‘Club Inferno’ at Thrillpeddlers (**1/2)

by Charles Kruger Rating: **1/2 (For an explanation of TheatreStorm’s rating scale, click here.) Russell Blackwood’s “Thrillpeddlers” is a unique San Francisco institution. This bizarre but talented and enthusiastic troupe of amateur and professional performers is eccentric in the extreme, specializing in revivals of the “Theatre of the Ridiculous” (mostly, but not exclusively, focussing on […]

Review: ‘Jewels of Paris: A Revolutionary New Musical Review” from Thrillpeddlers (**1/2)

by Barry David Horwitz Rating: **1/2 (For an explanation of TheatreStorm’s rating scale, click here.) “Jewels of Paris,” the latest over-the-top crossdressing genderfuck bare-ass musical extravaganza by Scrumbly Koldewyn and Russell Blackwood shoots for the stars. Thrillpeddlers’ collection of musical and comic sketches invokes the down and dirty days of 1900s Paris. But the true […]

Thrillpeddlers ‘Shocktoberfest 13’ delivers Grand Guignol chills and thrills

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 3/5 » Recommended) Do you love Halloween? Then grab your broomstick and a pumpkin and head out to The Hypnodrome where Thrillpeddlers offers “Shocktoberfest 13: The Bride of Death”, a delightfully ghoulish goulash of Grand Guignol humor and horror. Thrillpeddlers artistic director, Russell Blackwood, is the nation’s leading practitioner of Grand Guinol […]

‘Hot Greeks’ leaves the audience panting—with laughter

(Charles Kruger) (Rating: 4/5 Stars » Highly Recommended) For a while now, the always polished Thrillpeddlers at The Hypnodrome have been presenting revivals of the legendary Cockettes musicals under the skilled comic leadership of director Russell Blackwood and the musical masterminding of Scrumbly Koldewyn of the original Cockettes. Thus far, we have enjoyed delightfully funny productions […]