Review: San Francisco International Art Festival presents Théâtre de la Feuille in “The Orphan of Zhou” (*****)

by Charles Kruger Before I saw “The Orphan of Zhao” at the San Francisco International Art Festival on May 24th, I spent the afternoon viewing the Monet retrospective at the De Young Museum. I walked away reflecting on Monet’s genius, and, in particular, the excellence of his technique. The more perfect his technique, I was […]

SFIAF To Present ‘Speaking from the Body,’ a solo dance performance by Lucia August/Everybody Can Dance

by Charles Kruger A dancer  for over sixty years, Lucia August was formerly a company member of the beloved Bay area dance company, Dandelion Dancetheater, and has several times performed her unique style of storytelling in movement at the Edinburgh Fringe, where reviewers described her as “a dancer of tremendous joy.” Her work has been […]

SFIAF To Present Jessica Fudim & The Dance Animals in ‘Sheepish,’ plus the world premiere of ‘Frank’

by Charles Kruger Jessica Fudim is known to be eccentric.  Improvisation is typical of her work as artistic director of the Dance Animals. In every performance, she leaves room for the unexpected. Fudim and the Dance Animals blossomed as part of the legendary Queer community at  Mama Carizo’s Voice Factory, whose influence remains alive and […]

Review: Troupe Vertigo presents the North California premiere of ‘Tableau’ at the San Francisco International Arts Festival (****)

by Charles Kruger On an empty stage sit three black boxes. Minimalist music begins, and from behind the boxes emerge. . . feet! First one, then another, and soon a total of ten bare feet, gracefullyand humorously  communicating, as if puppets on a puppet stage. They bend, they dance, they express emotion and then,magically they […]

Review: “‘We Are All Dragons In Drag” by Bandelion and Friends at the San Francisco International Arts Festival (****)

by Charles Kruger Bandelion is an ensemble within the Dandelion Dancetheater under the direction of Dandelion co-founder Eric Kupers. About 13 years ago, when Eric’s co-founder, Kimiko Guthrie, began to split some of her focus between founding a family and working with Dandelion, Eric doubled-down on his commitment, forming Bandelion as an ensemble group within […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Taiwan’s renowned Tainaner Ensemble’s Pao-Chang Tsai in the U.S. premiere of his play, ‘Solo Date’

by Charles Kruger The Tainaner Ensemble has been one of the leading theatrical companies on the island of Taiwan for more than three decades. Known for their challenging and often experimental work, one of their successful productions, Pao-Chang Tsai’s epic K24 (Chaos), had a running time of six hours. So, one might say, this is a company […]

Review: “The Interrogation Room” at San Francisco International Arts Festival (***1/2)

by Charles Kruger When audience members arrive at The FIrehouse for “The Interrogation Room” they find themselves completely immersed in what might be any office of a government bureaucracy. Seated uncomfortably in rows of chairs (think of the DMV or the Unemployment Office) and lorded over by indifferent guards making petty demands, one’s first reaction […]