Review: ‘City of Angels’ at SF Playhouse (****)

by Charles Kruger So Larry Gelbart (Emmy-winner for “M*A*S*H” and screenwriter for “Tootsie”) knows from funny, and he’s no slacker on the sentiment, either. The premise is great: the show simultaneously follows the story of a novelist working on a screenplay adaptation of his book, while the screenplay itself is acted out simultaneously on an upstage […]

Review: ‘The Rules,’ a world premiere by Dipika Guha presented by San Francisco Playhouse at the Creativity Theater (***)

by Christine Okon If we always adhere to “the rules” of romance, do we risk losing ourselves?  Before Dipika Guha’s play “The Rules” begins, we sit under a rack of light and flowing dresses hanging high overhead like banners of textbook femininity, matched by the shabby chic décor of a quaint love seat and chairs, […]

‘Becky Shaw’ at SF Playhouse: An altogether extraordinary evening of theatre

(Charles Kruger) “Becky Shaw” by Gina Gionfriddo, produced by SF Playhouse. Director: Amy Glazer. Set: Bill English. Light: Michael Oesch. Sound: Steve Schoenbeck. Costumes: Miyuki Bierlein. Properties: Greg Shillig. Max Garrett: Brian Robert Burns. Lee Dolson: Andrew Porer. Lauren English: Becky Shaw. Lorri Holt: Susan Slater. Liz Sklar: Suzanna Slater. Once again, SF Playhouse has […]