Review: ‘The Wholehearted’ at Z Space (****1/2)

by Christine Okon Why does anyone fight? To protect themselves, to hurt others, to win, to survive? The answers are not simple. “The Wholehearted,” at Z Space until September 10, reveals this complexity in a gut wrenching and intense hour of one woman’s journey to reintegrate the pieces of a self shattered by the betrayal […]

Review: ‘BirdHeart’ at Z Space Below (****)

by Christine Okon Rating: **** (For an explanation of TheatreStorm’s rating scale, click here.) “Birdheart” has the simplest of beginnings: a single egg lit warmly on a table covered with sand. Lovely, evocative, uncomplicated string music fills the room. We hear the sound of gentle waves lapping a shore. We watch intently, not knowing what to expect. Soon, […]