TheatreStorm Guest Editorial: ‘How To Use Zoom Like A Theatre Professional’

by Eliasz Nowak

The Covid-19 pandemic will go down in history books as the pandemic that disrupted almost everything that we are used to in this world. When was the last time that most of the borders were closed, avoiding hugs seen as a sign of love, and students forced to stay home?

Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have been one of the biggest winners during the pandemic. The platform has now given birth to zoom actors that are taking the theater space by storm.

The following are some theater tips from our expert Jacek Michałski, a theater instructor who loves sharing his knowledge with the world. You can find more information about him here. Let’s take a look at what that professionals can use to create a zoom show in the modern world.

Invest in lighting

Make-up and clothes are considered some of the best aspects when it comes to film production. However, lighting is one thing that will determine whether you appear as someone who understands his stuff or any average man. The idea is to recreate a similar experience as what people can get in a typical movie theater.

Your computer should be placed between an external light source and the chair such that your face will acquire a glow. You can have a background that will match your complexion such that people can view you clearly. Some opt for natural colors, but it won’t hurt when you experiment with a few colors to see what suits your needs.

Set your camera

There are millions of films that you can watch on YouTube. However, it is very easy to differentiate those content developers who know how to position themselves from those that do not. The ideal filming background is one that has no distractions.

Some people use expensive cameras but the quality of their productions is still wanting. On the other hand, you will find some people who record with smartphones and take clear videos that capture all the details. Balancing the lighting and positioning of the camera is the first step towards a great production.

Work on the sound

Viewers are not only interested in what they see. Having quality accompanying sound is another attraction to keep the viewers hooked. You can borrow a leaf from 7signs casino that allows users to stream live games without compromising on the original sound.

A viewer wants to feel the screeching that comes from car tires or even that gunshot when streaming. Noise-proof the room where you are streaming from as this ensures that outside noise does not interfere with the original sounds. The recording devices should also capture the sounds with clarity.

Get into action

You may have heard of cases where people noted that their internet is no longer working when they were on the action. Check and ensure that everything is in place before you start your meeting. For instance, you can check your mic and lighting and avoid the last-minute rush.

The nature of people that you will be interacting with will determine the approach that you will take. For instance, there will be a difference when you interact with people you know personally and those you have never met. However, professionalism should always hold irrespective of who is on the other side of the screen.

The eye line angle you select is crucial when you want an engaged audience and good zoom performance. Most people use the green light to confirm whether the camera is sitting just above the eye-line. Ensure that you place your reference notes strategically and make it easy for people to follow.


We expect theater professionals to continue using Zoom even after the pandemic is long gone. Use the above tips for your presentations and become an expert in video conference calls. These days this is more important than ever!

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