Review: ‘The Wholehearted’ at Z Space (****1/2)

by Christine Okon Why does anyone fight? To protect themselves, to hurt others, to win, to survive? The answers are not simple. “The Wholehearted,” at Z Space until September 10, reveals this complexity in a gut wrenching and intense hour of one woman’s journey to reintegrate the pieces of a self shattered by the betrayal […]

Review: ‘The Taming’ by Lauren Gunderson at Marin Shakespeare (***)

by Christine Okon First produced in 2013, “The Taming” mashes up our country’s history and modern sensibilities, à la Broadway’s “Hamilton.” If you think our current political cycle is extreme, wacky, and unpredictable, then Marin Shakespeare’s production of Lauren Gunderson’s farce, “The Taming,” is for you. It makes perfect sense that George Washington and James […]

Review: ‘The Rules,’ a world premiere by Dipika Guha presented by San Francisco Playhouse at the Creativity Theater (***)

by Christine Okon If we always adhere to “the rules” of romance, do we risk losing ourselves?  Before Dipika Guha’s play “The Rules” begins, we sit under a rack of light and flowing dresses hanging high overhead like banners of textbook femininity, matched by the shabby chic décor of a quaint love seat and chairs, […]