SFIAF To Present ‘Speaking from the Body,’ a solo dance performance by Lucia August/Everybody Can Dance

by Charles Kruger A dancer  for over sixty years, Lucia August was formerly a company member of the beloved Bay area dance company, Dandelion Dancetheater, and has several times performed her unique style of storytelling in movement at the Edinburgh Fringe, where reviewers described her as “a dancer of tremendous joy.” Her work has been […]

SFIAF To Present Jessica Fudim & The Dance Animals in ‘Sheepish,’ plus the world premiere of ‘Frank’

by Charles Kruger Jessica Fudim is known to be eccentric.  Improvisation is typical of her work as artistic director of the Dance Animals. In every performance, she leaves room for the unexpected. Fudim and the Dance Animals blossomed as part of the legendary Queer community at  Mama Carizo’s Voice Factory, whose influence remains alive and […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival presents the West Coast premiere of “Antiwords” by Spitfire Company, a leading ensemble from the Czech Republic

by Charles Kruger Surely, there is nothing new under the sun. And surely it is the new that creative artists must seek, and hopefully achieve. Do you detect a contradiction? Of course you do. Creative artists are in the business of resolving this contradiction by combining the ancient, the tried, and the true in ever […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features the U. S. premiere of Hong Kong physical theater company Théâtre de la Feuille in ‘The Orphan Of Zhao’

by Charles Kruger “The Orphan of Zhao” is one of China’s oldest plays. A story of familial revenge, it is sometimes described as “the Chinese Hamlet.” There have been many versions over the centuries, both in Chinese and in translation. Théâtre de la Feuille is known for its expertise in physical theatre, and their production […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Source Material Collective presenting “I Should Have A Party for All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say”

by Charles Kruger ISHAP SFIAF 2019 from samantha shay // source material on Vimeo. It is not always easy to find information on the avant garde theatre companies and artists who participate on the theatrical festival circuit of which the San Francisco International Arts Festival is a part. Almost by definition, festival artists are part […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival features Japanese dance company, Baobab, in the U.S. premiere of “Laughing Frame” + San Francisco’s STEAMROLLER in the world premiere of “Loserville”

by Charles Kruger Established in 2009, Baobab is one of the leading young dance companies in Japan. Like many modern companies, Baobab draws freely on many dance styles, including classic, modern, and jazz, plus street dancing as well. Director and founder Waturo Kitao stresses that the company includes both dancers and actors. He notes that, […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features South Korean company, Ambiguous Dance, presenting the American Premiere of “Rhythm of Human”

by Charles Kruger Faced with the assignment of preparing a feature article on Korean dance troupe, “Ambiguous Dance,” I began with the typical strategy of seeking an interview with the troupe’s co-founder, artistic director and choreographer, Kim Bo-Ram. But when I consulted with Andrew Wood, the energetic director of the San Francisco International Arts Festival, […]