San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Ushanjali Dance in the World Premiere of ‘Divine Conversations’

by Charles Kruger Bharatanatyam is the oldest performance art in India. In Indian tradition, the performing arts were not divided into theatre, music, and dance but experienced as a single art form. Nor was their separation between secular and religious performance. Thus Bharatanatyam is not only a dance tradition, but a musical, theatrical, and spiritual […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Dandelion/Bandelion Dancetheater in the World Premiere of ‘We Are All Dragons In Drag’

by Charles Kruger Bandelion is CSU East Bay professor Eric Kuper’s core ensemble within the Dandelion Dancetheater (DDT), committed to exploring profoundly experimental and spiritual aspects of dance and movement. Its self description reads: “We are a tribe. We are a found family. We are committed to pushing and being pushed by each other, past […]

San Francisco International Arts Festival Features Vishwa Shanthi Performing Arts: World premiere of “Samudra Manthan (The Churning of the Ocean)”

by Charles Kruger The “Samudra Manthan” (“Churning of the Ocean”) is a story from Indian mythology in which demigods and demons compete for supremacy. It is beautiful and complex, full of battles and diplomacy, and miraculous events such as the creation of Amrita, the nectar of immortality. Befitting the grandness of such a myth, the […]

Company Profile: Theatre Aluminous

by Mark Johnson Whenever one thinks of theatre in America, their immediate thoughts go to New York, and, more specifically, to Broadway. Chicago, too, has built a reputation as a city that produces high quality live theatre. But the San Francisco Bay Area might soon be included in that ever-so-small list of cultural meccas for […]

John Fisher, A Gay Man for All Theatrical Seasons

by Barry David Horwitz John Fisher, Artistic Director of Theatre Rhinoceros, is busy playing himself—as Actor, Director, Producer, playwright, set designer, audio designer, costume maker, and whatever else needs doing, day by day–sometimes all at the same time. He is also grateful and humble about what he has been doing at The Rhino: “It’s always […]