TheatreStorm is seeking an intern

TheatreStorm is a blog founded in 2011 by Charles Kruger (the “Storming Bohemian”) as an offshoot of another blog, “Storming Bohemia” (which has been cited in The New York Times for its coverage of the San Francisco literary scene). Having covered nearly one hundred area productions over the past year, TheatreStorm has attracted a moderate-sized following receiving up to 500-700 hits per week as well as maintaining a strong social media presence.

In addition to reviews, TheatreStorm has a sponsorship program providing occasional feature articles and interviews on a sponsorship/fee basis.

We are now seeking an intern to assist with some or all of the following tasks:

o            Attending plays and writing reviews.

o            Possibly writing feature articles or conducting interviews.

o            Developing and implementing a plan for increased site visibility.

o            Maintaining a TheatreStorm Twitter account.

o            Establishing and maintaining a TheatreStorm Tumblr account.

o            Developing the social network capacities of the FB page.

o            Tutoring the “Storming Bohemian” (cest moi!) in social networking
technologies such as Twitter and Tumblr.

o            Soliciting sponsorship relationships with area theatre companies.

The position would require attending and reviewing up to three plays per month. Total time would not exceed 5 to 10 hours per week, depending on the intern’s enthusiasm and availability.

This internship offers no compensation. The intern, however, will be able to attend as many plays as desired, either as a “plus one” with the boss (cest moi again!) or on his/her own as a reviewer (with a plus one, of course). Also, after publishing reviews, the intern may have an opportunity to become a professional member of the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle or similar organizations.

Interested persons should review the website carefully and send a cover letter and writing sample (preferably a review, conforming to the TheatreStorm format) via attachment to Charles Kruger at

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