TheatreStorm’s Memory List for 2015

by Charles Kruger

It’s late December again, when critics are expected to put their heads on the chopping block and create a list of “the ten best. . .”  The idea of the “ten best” anything is silly, gosh darn it. Every performance — without exception — is wonderful because the very idea of performance is wonderful. I never tire of the astounding and mysterious fact that we go to the theatre. The theatre is a miraculous expression of human nature, in every instance. Choosing the “ten best” performances in any given year is like choosing the ten best babies or the ten best sunrises. Sure, there are cranky infants and polluted sunrises, but the worst of the worst are still miraculous, right?

Nevertheless . . . it is good to remember those experiences we liked best. So. . . in a spirit of celebration and appreciation, I offer “TheatreStorm’s Memory List for 2015.” The ten events listed here are among those that will stick with me as examples of wonderful nights in the theatre. “Ten” is an arbitrary number. My heartfelt thanks go out to ALL the artists and supporting staff throughout the Bay area who give of themselves to create memories for us all. I love you.

A caveat: This list is limited to those plays seen and reviewed by myself, Charles Kruger. Following the list are some additional performances that received enthusiastic reviews from other TheatreStorm reviewers.

And away we go! In no particular order . . .

The Convert (Marin Theatre Company)
Puppet King Lear (Independent Eye)
Mount Misery (Cutting Ball)
Yellow Wallpaper (Central Works)
Ondine (We, Players)
Choir Boy (Marin Theatre Company)
Project Ahab (Central Works)
Company (SF Playhouse)
The Object Lesson (Curran Under Construction)
In Love and Warcraft (CustumMade)

Plus, a few more highlights:

From Barry David Horwitz:

Shakespeare Goes To War (Rhinoceros)
This Is Our Youth (CustomMade)
For the Love of Comrades (New Conservatory Theatre Center)
Glengarry Glenn Ross (TheatreFirst)
Cock (Do It Live)

From Victor Cordell:

Stage Kiss (SF Playhouse)

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